About Coaching:

“Thank you for pushing me and being there along the way.”

"Your openness and gentle encouragement has inspired me to continue my personal journey to live my best authentic life.  Much appreciation for you!"

"Thank you for the opportunity to work 1 on 1 with you during our coaching sessions and sticking with me when things got tough for me and I wasn’t making sense.  It was very eye-opening and I am a better person and leader because of it.  I am forever grateful!"

 “Going into the first few sessions, I had no idea what to expect. I thought that we would mostly be talking about all the DEI work that was being done around the country and what I needed to do to help our organization improve their impact in that area.  But after meeting Sandy and Carmen and attending a few sessions, I quickly realized that their approach to coaching was much more than that. They went beyond all my expectations and provided coaching that was intended to bring out the best in me, not just as a professional but as a person.  Sessions with Carmen and Sandy became the highlight of my week.  Every time I had a new idea or question about something about my work, my career, or even my personal life, I looked forward to hearing what they had to say.  They helped me understand who I am, what I want out of my career, and how I need to grow to accomplish my goals. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a partner to help them along their own journey.”
~Associate @ Large Foundation

 "Thanks for your time and assistance. I really appreciate your patience and understanding and that you pushed when needed. It made for a great experience where I felt comfortable to share but uncomfortable enough to make progress."
Associate @ Large Foundation

 "I appreciated the flexibility - where I started is not necessarily where I thought I would end. As I learned and moved through the year, I shifted my priorities and I am thankful you could adapt with me. I felt more confident working through my specific challenge of supporting a department in crisis, and how I could be a better ally to a leader in that department. My old self would have assumed it wasn't my problem, someone else could pay attention to it. While it wasn't easy (I know I wanted to back out), I am so grateful to have been guided towards the steps I took. I could not have done that without the coach's specific guidance. The River exercise was also an extraordinary experience. It was an eye opening process to illustrate key milestones and events in my life, and the deep dive into a specific experience was truly transformative. I can build upon those learnings, and apply them both personally and professionally."
~Associate @ Large Foundation

Words clients used to describe Carmen and Sandy: 

Wealth of knowledge, Passionate, Timely, Focused on Outcomes, Driven by Time, Visionary, Empathetic, Knows how to ask the right questions

About Communities of Belonging

“I appreciate you pushing us to open up and share more than we would. It make a difference in a great way”

"I greatly value all you have done for our team! You have been an excellent example for DEI leadership."

“Sandy, thank you for creating this safe space for our agency to grow.”

“Thank you for making a huge impact in building the culture of DEI at our agency.”

“Thank you just isn’t enough to express how much you’ve impacted our agency. You truly have changed us for the better.”

“You are an inspiration and learning from you was a joy! Thank you for making a space for us to change.”

“Sandy, thank you for seeing me”

“Carmen, you are a fierce example of authenticity and fearlessness!” 

“Carmen, pushes, pushes, pushes, she requires me to be uncomfortable yet feel safe.”

“Carmen, thank you for being someone who has brought real change to this agency and the people in it.” 

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