Project Edquity

Project Edquity is a fun, quirky, meet you where you are multi-racial equity consultancy. We build innovative solutions specializing in DEI impacts. Our work is rooted in unpacking power dynamics, and communication miscues while creating safe spaces to be heard, heal and accelerate growth. We help leaders succeed in business and in life!
Using Leadership Stories To Build Trust and Equity in Organization
Last week we were asked to be guests on Oscar Garcia’s podcast “Career Talk with OG”.  The title of our talk was “Using Leadership Stories To Build Trust & Equity in Organizations”.  It was the first time we shared in a public arena about our work, and what do you know we had 228 impressions. 
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Leaders in the Field

Providing expertise and support in the areas of diversity, inclusion, equity, and leadership development.

Making Equity Actionable

Through innovative and individualized consultation, storytelling, coaching, and communities of practice.

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