PROJECT EDQUITY is a boutique consulting firm for education institutions, non profits and social enterprises who seek DEI strategic partnership, coaching and consultation. We specialize in workforce diversity initiatives, employee resource group formation and support, diverse recruitment and retention practices, and diverse hiring practices.

Results Oriented

Our goal is to create assets for our clients through the consultancy model.  We take great pride in providing quality products and services and exceptional customer service.


PROJECT EDQUITY is a consortium of leaders and experts in education, leadership, and DEI. We believe that organizations transform and stakeholders benefit when there is a sincere commitment to enhancing interpersonal relationships, embracing diversity and difference, fostering inclusion, cultivating community, and strengthening communication.


PROJECT EDQUITY was founded in 2016 by Carmen Perkins to help transform the world, by supporting diversity, equity, inclusion, and understanding to ensure more equitable opportunities and outcomes for minorities to disrupt and dismantle systemic oppression.

Drawing on over 15 years of experience in education, leadership development, consulting, and organizational management Carmen has spoken and consulted with schools, businesses, public and non profit agencies across California. She has a combination of lived experience as an African American woman who has experienced the trauma of workforce exclusion, coupled with professional expertise to organically and strategically lead teams, coach clients, and deliver results.